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Any questions or queries send us a personal message or communicate directly to the telephone numbers published below.

Ayampe is located at km 86 of the Spondylus route, in the province of Manabí, Ecuador.

Cabins & Suites

The turtle


Ayampe oceanfront cabins.

Suites to 120  meters from the sea and 180  meters from the Cabins

Of cabins: +593 99 383 4825
Of suites:  +593 93 905 1632

Thank you for contacting us !

How to get there


- TAXI ( 3 hourss approximately)

- BUS (From the land terminal of Guayaquil, take the CLP company to Olon, then take Bus Manglaralto to Ayampe)



- BUS (From the land terminal of Quito to the city of Puerto Lopez (8hs) then BUS Manglaralto to Ayampe (20 minutes)

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